Farmer’s body invites Hema Malini to explain farmlaws

farmers invited hema malini
The Mathura MP , Ms. Hema Malini had said a week ago that thousands of farmers protesting at the Singhu border were “instigated” against farm laws and they “did not know” what was wrong with the new laws.

The farmers’ body, protesting against the Centre’s contentious reforms, invited Hema Malini to Delhi and said it would also bear the expenses for Malini’s travel and stay at a five star hotel for a week.

“ Your statement has hurt every Punjabi when around 100 farmers have lost their lives at the borders of Delhi in the past 51 days while protesting to get genuine price for their crop. The farmers grow the grains with hard work. He can’t just sell it at throw away price as he has no right to seek even minimum support price,”.

“You are saying that we (farmers) don’t know what we want so please come to Punjab and make us understand what we should do so that farmers do not have to sacrifice their lives while protesting in Delhi,”

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