Delhi Bans Durga Idol Immersion to Stop Pollution

Delhi Pollution control Committee(DPCC) issued an order on Wednesday stopping people from idol immersion. As per the order, immersing the Druga idols after Druga Puja in water bodies is prohibited to stop pollution.

Consequently, a fine of Rs50,000 will be issued, if the idols are immersed in the public places. Immersing idols at public places including the Yamuna river or any other water body, ponds or Ghats is prohibited.

Furthermore, the Delhi Pollution Board directed the general public, pooja smithies that the idol immersion should be done within the home premises. They are instructed to immerse the idol in a bucket or a container within the home premises.

In addition to this, the material used to worship like flowers, decorating material (made of paper), etc should be removed before immersion. They have also instructed to collect the worship material separately.

Directions regarding the disposal of the remains of the worship material are given. The collected garbage should be safely handed over to the door to door waste collection vehicle.

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