BJP disrespected the National Flag by placing Party Flag over Tiranga

bjp disrespecting national flag

BJP, a party which boasts about nationalism and nationalists were seen disrespecting the national flag in the prayer tribute of late UP Chief Minister Kalyan Singh.

Veteran leader Kalyan Singh died in the wee hours of Saturday. He was 89 years old. A photograph of the tribute ceremony of former Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Kalyan Singh was shared on Social Media.

BJP tweeted a photograph which shows the former chief minister’s body draped by the national flag, but half of it was seen to be covered up by the BJP party flag.

However, tweets started pouring in. Senior Congress leader MP Shashi Tharoor raised his voice on Twitter.

He wrote,” As one who had to fight a court case for four years merely for placing my hand on my heart during the singing of the National Anthem(rather standing stiffly to attention), i think the nation should be told how the ruling party feels about this insult,”

And the Netizens started questioning the BJP about their Patriotism.