Apple and Amazon resumes advertising on Twitter, says Elon musk

apple & amazon advertising on twitter

Apple and Amazon are once again running advertising on Twitter. Elon Musk independently verified that Apple has resumed full Twitter advertising activity. According to a different story, Amazon has reportedly agreed to set aside $100 million annually for Twitter advertising. This action was taken a few days after Twitter emailed advertisers offering financial incentives for them to return to the platform.

Platformer reported that Amazon has made the decision to invest $100 million in Twitter advertising. Some stories, however, imply that the business never actually stopped running ads on the network.

Musk added that Apple has resumed full advertising activities on Twitter during one Twitter Spaces exchange. Additionally, this occurs shortly after Elon Musk and Tim Cook met at Apple Headquarters.

Elon Musk also put out a tweet thanking advertisers for returning to Twitter. In his post he said, “Just a note to thank advertisers for returning to Twitter”.

Advertising may have played a role in Apple and Musk’s decision to compromise on the 30% tax on Twitter subscriptions. Musk made several contentious claims last week about Apple, including that he was prepared for war with the corporation if the 30% levy on the App Store wasn’t removed. His issue doesn’t appear to have an obvious answer. The money made from advertising, however, might make up part of the money lost from paying taxes.

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