Anna Hazare’s hunger strike in support of farmers, isn’t an irony?

anna hazare hunger strike

Anna Hazare’s hunger strike in support of farmers is an irony because the 83- year old man took to streets, in 2011. He gained support from people who were fed up with corruption. They believed that a person like Anna Hazare would bring in a change as he was agitating for the people.

This 83-year-old man who lives in a room of 10 by 12 feet in a mandir and is supposed to have no money, no wealth. How does he survive? How does he run his campaigns, is the question which crops up in everyone’s mind.

Anna Hazare’s Hunger Strike in 2011 received huge support from across the globe as he showed the dream of corruption-free India, but left that mid-way. Subsequently, people’s life has not improved since 2014.

It is alleged that Anna Hazare’s hunger strike was used as a weapon by the BJP to pool in people and gear up for the next elections. Contrary to the personality he carries, it is further said that Anna Hazare had received huge sum of money for being active and being a catalyst for the victory of BJP in 2014.

This activist was neither seen from then nor were there any talks regarding the Anti-corruption agenda, propaganded by him.

Surprisingly, Anna Hazare is on a hunger strike in Ralegan Siddhi village of Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra. He sat on a day-long fast in support of farmers. He has sent a recorded message, he appealed to the people of the country, that the movement going on in Delhi should go on in the whole country.

Now social activist Anna Hazare is protesting against the three agricultural laws of the central government. Anna Hazare said that there should be agitation in the country so that there is pressure on the government and he should take steps in the interest of farmers.

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