A massive scam in the making: ‘My Home’ Rameshwar Rao

my home Rameshwar Rao scam
TV9 Rameshwar Rao alias ‘My Home Rameshwar Rao’ has been in the news for various allegations. on the group’s irregularities in mining. These irregularities have caused a loss of hundreds of crores to the exchequers.
The Congress and BJP leaders are waiting for an opportunity to put Rameshwar Rao behind bars as soon as they estimate the level of the scam and know every detail of the scams; he is involved in and then proceed further to uncover them.
After receiving instructions from the Ministry of Home Affairs to carry out investigation on Dr. Rameshwar Rao’s ‘My Home’ group irregularities in Mining. Member of Parliament from ‘Nizamabad’ Telangana requested Delhi officials to expedite the investigation.
My Home group has been involved in massive scams but the management of this company has managed the two Telugu governments easily.

‘My Home’ Rameshwar Rao is so drawn into the massive scam that he has given  false reports to the centre without any fear. This depicts the sad state of governance in two states.

‘My Home’ and its’ group has minted crores of rupees within no time.  A massive scam might emerge in both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh very soon.

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