A BIG challenge ahead to India: Another liberation movement on the way

next liberation movement
India celebrates its 74 Independence Day. Celebrations are going on across the country and it is a momentous occasion for the country for more reasons than one. Prime Minister Modi has claimed that the year 2022 will mark the advent of a New India. Thus, between today and the 75 anniversary of the country’s Independence, we can expect more decisions of monumental significance.
It is the first Independence Day since Ram Janmabhoomi won its proper justice after fights for many years. With the enactment of the Citizenship Amendment Act, the abrogation of Article 370, the abolition of Triple Talaq, it can be safely said that New India will be a Hindutva-oriented country.
In that particular note, one would hope that by the 75 anniversary of Indian Independence, Kashi Vishwanath and Krishna Janmasthan is also liberated from the clutches of Nehruvian secularism. Recently, clashes between the Indian Army and China at Galwan Valley in Ladakh happened, the Prime Minister had remarked that the age of expansionism is over. For the reclamation of Ayodhya-Kashi-Mathura seventy-five years is too long a time for the completion of the Project but as they say, it is always better late than never.
Pandit who was in-charge of the Bhoomi Pujan ceremony at Ram Janma bhoomi demanded the liberation of Kashi-Mathura as his Dakshina. Seventy-three years have passed since the independence of our country and yet, we are not sure regarding our purpose as a nation.
The Chinese have ‘Tianxia’ (All under Heaven) The Americans have their Exceptionalism,and for the Japanese, it’s the royal line of Amaterasu which provides them with a grand narrative for their country, we don’t have one such thing.
There are several questions like what is the vision that India has for the world? What is India’s purpose in this world? The most obvious and correct answer in this particular instance, is that the sacred duty of India is making the world a safe place for Hinduism and Hindus.Hinduism is the last major polytheistic tradition in the world and as the custodian of the Hindu Civilization; it is India’s sacred duty to ensure its continued sustenance. The reclamation of Kashi-Mathura is one of the most meaningful steps towards that.
Narendra Modi has also mentioned that the second term of the NDA government, they decided to solve all the historical disputes that have raged on since independence. Kashi-Mathura are long-running disputes that needed to have been resolved within the first year of independence itself, but there is no work yet done.
New India cannot afford to carry the baggage of previous years. For the good fortune of our nation and future of our civilization, it is of principal importance that the sacred sites are reclaimed through government’s official order if necessary.
There are precisely only two years left for 75 years of Indian independence, we need to understand that the vision of New India should be one that recognizes that Hinduism is the core of India’s identity. Hinduism is our past, present and future. Changes have to be made in education system.

During his speech at the Ram Mandir Bhoomi Pujan ceremony he said Ram Jannmabhoomi Movement, was for India’s spiritual liberation and the Movement for Indian Independence, was India’s political independence. However Ram Jannmabhoomi was the first step in this pathway, next step would be reclamation of Kashi-Mathura.

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