52 teachers secretly filmed in school toilet, blackmailed into working without salary for months

teachers filmed in toilet

 Another shocking incident in UP’s Meerut. Around 52 teachers of a private school in UP’s Meerut have lodged a complaint accusing the school’s management secretary of harassing them after secretly filming them inside the school’s toilets.

In a shocking incident, as many as 52 teachers of a private school in UP’s Meerut have collectively lodged a complaint with the police accusing the school management of secretly filming them in the school’s washrooms and then using the videos and photographs to blackmail them into working without salary for several months.

The teachers, in their complaint, stated that the secretary of the school’s management committee threatened them with their objectionable photographs and videos whenever they asked for the payment of their pending salaries. Based on the complaint, police, on Wednesday, registered an FIR against the secretary and his son under sections 504 (intentional insult), 354 (a) (sexual harassment) and 354 (c) (voyeurism) of the Indian Penal Code.

School secretary denies sexual harassment allegations

Meanwhile, the secretary has dismissed the allegations of sexual harassment leveled against him. “There is no CCTV inside the women’s toilet. But they have been installed in the gents’ toilets. This was done against the backdrop of recent cases of murder inside some schools”.

The secretary, however, admitted that for the past few months, the school has failed to pay salaries to the teachers. He attributed this failure to the ongoing pandemic situation.

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