Wrestlers protest: KTR slams Center over treatment meted out to Wrestlers

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Wrestlers Protest: BRS and Telangana president KTR slammed the Centre government over the ill-treatment by police with wrestlers champions who brought us glory on the world stage.

When Prime Minister Narendra Modi opened the new Parliament on Sunday, May 28, police apprehended protesting wrestlers attempting to march towards it. The wrestlers Sakshi Malik, Bajrang Punia, Vinesh Phogat, and others who coordinated the protest have been the subject of a FIR filed by Delhi police.

Opposition politicians and many others have harshly attacked Delhi police’s efforts to violently put an end to the wrestlers’ protest as well as their treatment of the demonstrators.

KTR slams center over Wrestlers protest:

KTR retweeted Sakshee Malikkh post  and said:  “Can any responsible leader from Govt of India tell us why it has to be this way?” KTR asked on Twitter. “These champions who brought us glory on the world stage! They deserve our support and respect”.

The police prevented the wrestlers from continuing their march towards the new Parliament as they left the Jantar Mantar protest location. When the demonstrators broke through the security perimeter, there was a fight.

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