Two groups protesting against renaming of Aurangabad

renaming of aurangabad

Renaming of Aurangabad to Chhatrapati Shambhajinagar has brought in huge resentment from the majority of people. Especially, on March 20 saw two groups which took out rallies. Out of these two groups, one group was against the renaming Aurangabad and the other was for it.

One group led by the AIMIM with more than 50,000 people turning up in favour of the name of Aurangabad. This group took out a rally with discipline which consisted of leaders  from all the parties participating in this rally.


According to Indian Express, the other group, Sakal Hindu Samaj which was protesting against the name of Aurangabad consisted of around 5000 people. They do not want the name to be Aurangabad, as it has originated from the Mughal King Aurangazeb.

Apparently, this group were indisciplined and abused Muslims, destroyed government property and asked for genocide.

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