Proud moment: A police inspector salutes his DSP daughter at Tirupati

police inspector salutes his daughter

Syam Sundar a police inspector salutes his daughter when he met his daughter Prasanthi. She had come to Tirupati to attend Police Duty Meet (IGNITE). Tears of Joy rolled down as he met his daughter, the apple of his eye,  Prasanthi an engineering graduate and the 2018 batch of DSP.

The best day in Inspector Y Syam Sundar’s life was when he saw his daughter and DSP for Guntur district Y Jessy Prasanthi in full police uniform. This is a proud moment every parent would dream of.

DSP Jessy Prashanthi cracked Andhra Pradesh Public Commission group 1 after she could not get through civil service examination, 2018. “My father wanted me to join the Indian Administrative Service, however I could not make it through the examination. Later I appeared for group 1 and was selected.

Since my childhood my parents insisted that we serve the nation, my younger sister is an assistant professor at government Dental college in Andhra Pradesh”, said the DSP. The family hails from Chittoor district

Syam Sundar said that as Prasanthi is a DSP rank officer, she is his senior, and hence would salute her just like he would do to greet any other officer. Meanwhile, DSP Prasanthi said her father has always been her inspiration and she try to live up to his expectations.

She said that while discharging duties, she would always follow the principles and dedication taught to her by her father.

Police officers feel that the relations do not matter when they are in their uniform and while discharging their duties.

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