Jessi Combs becomes the ‘fastest woman on Earth’ almost a year after fatal crash

jessi combs

Jessi Combs is recognized as the fastest land speed record holder (female) by the Guinness World Records It is almost a year after a fatal crash while attempting the feat.

Guinness World Records has officially declared Jessi Combs the fastest land speed record holder (female),  almost a year after her death. She was doing a feat that she died achieving.

Jessi, a racer and TV presenter, died last year on 27 August while attempting to set the record for the ‘fastest woman on Earth’. She was driving her jet-powered North American Eagle Supersonic Speed challenger when a malfunction caused a crash in which Combs lost her life.

The crash was caused by a mechanical failure in one of the front wheels during the run and the 39-year-old driver died of blunt force trauma. According to Harney County Sheriff’s Office, the wheel failure happened when the car was moving at a speed nearing 885 km/h, according to reports.

This accident happened during the second run in the Alvord Desert, Oregon, USA,  The team submitted the top-speed achieved during both the attempts to the Guinness authorities for evaluation.

According to the institution, Jessi Combs jet-powered vehicle achieved a speed of 841.33 km/h, making her the holder of the fastest land speed record (female).

This record was previously held by American stuntwoman Kitty O’Neil whose jet-powered three-wheeled vehicle hit a top speed of 825.11 km/h at Alvord Desert 40 years ago.

Jessi Combs had crowned several records in the automotive world, including the title of the “fastest woman on four wheels” in 2013 when she achieved the speed of 640.5 km/h in her Speed challenger. However, she went on to break her own record in 2016.

Guinness World Records statement on their website read, “The fastest land speed record (female) is 841.338 kph (522.783 mph), and was achieved by Jessi Combs (USA) in the Alvord Desert, Oregon, USA, on 27 August 2019. Jessi is the first person to break this record in more than 40 years.”

Jessi Combs appeared on several TV shows, including Overhaulin’ and Mythbusters, and even co-hoster Xtreme 4X4 TV show for four years. She was also a skilled fabricator who represented American Welding Society and according to reports, even designed a line of women’s welding gear.

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