Hyderabad: Road collapses at Goshamahal market, 3 injured


In Hyderabad, a road suddenly collapse in the middle of a market in Hyderabad’s Goshamahal market area. Many vehicles, autos and rickshaws became stuck in the sand. As of now, 3 people were injured in this incident.

The incident happened on Friday morning. The collapsed road sucked up an entire vegetable market located on the side of the road in the Chaknawadi local area. It included not only shops, but also vehicles such as cars and motorcycles. Vegetables were seen spaced across the road, while cars were damaged after becoming entrapped in the caved road. The shocking scene was witnessed by a large crowd.

According to media reports, the cause of the incident has yet to be determined. Moreover, it is believed that a water pipeline running under the road is to suspect. 3 injured and many vehicles damaged have been reported. Police and municipal officials have arrived on the scene and are conducting an investigation.

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