Country would be divided into 3 Zones, according to COVID-19 cases

3 zones in country
The Center is planning to divide the country into 3 zones to curb the outbreak of Corona in our country. The 21 day lockdown announced by the Prime Minster would end on April 15.
New strategies are being formulated to save the country from the pandemic. The center in consultation with the states would like to identify 3 zones as red, orange and green. These zones would be based on the number of corona cases registered in that district.  The government hopes to fight COVID-19 for another two weeks after April 15.

Let’s have a look on those 3 zones in the country.

Red Zone

Areas which have registered 15 or more than corona cases would be declared as Red Zone. These zones would be under complete lockdown even after April 15. There would be a ban on all the activities. People must stay at home in this zone.

Orange Zone

Areas which have registered less than 15 cases would be declared as Orange zone. Limited activities would be permitted in this zone. Few services of public transport would be permitted. Permission would be given for agricultural activities.

Green zone

Areas which have no corona case registered would be declared as Green zone. Activities would be normal in this zone. There are around 430 districts in our country which have no cases of corona registered.

Center is creating a list

The Home Ministry is preparing a list of the sectors which should be exempted from sanctions if the lockdown is implemented. Agriculture and few other sectors are likely to be exempted with few restrictions and strict orders of social distancing. Aviation sector is more likely to be exempted.

Plans to increase working hours

Center is planning to increase the working hours of essential goods and pharmaceutical industries if the lockdown continues even after April 15. The industries pertaining to the above would increase the working hours, if the labour or staff is less. The center feels that it would get profits if the production is as much as the demand.

They maybe some amendments in the factories Act- 1948, as suggested by few authorities.  The MSME is thinking of ways and means to bring back the migrant labourers to the small and medium industries, from their native places.