Life after Coronavirus, will you be able to see the challenges ahead?

Did you ever think about life after Coronavirus?

A war brings lots of changes in the history of mankind. 

There are two sides of a coin for every action or reaction – good or bad. There are pertinent changes whenever there is a crisis. The war against Coronavirus is nothing less than any war. It’s a war between more than 200 countries on one side and a very minute invisible virus on the other side.

The government of every country is trying their best ways and means. Strict procedures are being followed to combat the virus. Man is going to be victorious in this war against the virus.

Experts and analysts from all over the world foresee that the world would not be the same after the fight against coronavirus ends. There will be significant changes in our lifestyle and each one would have to adapt to a different lifestyle. The experts are enlightening us that the seeds of such change in the lifestyle of man have already been sown.

We have learnt many lessons from this pandemic, hence if any other pandemic attacks us in future then our governments would be self -reliant to face it. They may be ready with different kinds of algorithms to punish people who break the rules by using increased number of CC Cameras or other equipment.

The countries like China, South Korea, Israel are able to control the virus with their advanced technology which they use. Taiwan is using the Electronic location tracking by placing a wrist band to the tourists or people who step into their country.

Politicians life after Coronavirus, to be in power forever

In countries where, democracy is weak, the leaders are trying to take hold of all the power and authority into their hands through different strategies. The Prime Minister of Hungary has made changes in the law of the country that everything should be ensued only with his permission.

The President of Philippines has taken more power into his hands. New law has been introduced to give the President of Columbia more powers.

Rodrigo Duterte
President of The Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte.

The participation of the Army has gradually increased in democratic type of governments. The army of Pakistan is already working with the governments in the Provinces. The lockdown period is inspected by the soldiers in South Africa.

All the agitations and rallies which were happening against many political versions to be changed in Algeria are banned as of now.

New trends in conducting elections

online voting

The Elections in many countries may be delayed because of the coronavirus pandemic. The state and national elections which have to be conducted in Italy, North Macedonia, Serbia, Great Britain, Ethiopia may be delayed.

The election system may change to online voting, mail and remote voting. Online meetings and virtual conferences would come into force.

Life after Coronavirus, New Communities

People are coming forward to help the poor and the needy during this crisis. People are extending their help to the health department too.

give donations

The students divided themselves into groups and helped the hospitals in Wuhan. The university students and citizen groups gathered funds to help people who were struggling during the lockdown.

The managements of big industries, Employee organizations, and many donors are donating huge amounts to feed the poor and for the animals too.

Telemedicine… a new concept in preparation of medicines

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Research is going on to find a technology wherein the reactions or symptoms in a person’s body is known even before he contracts a disease. This technology may tell us what is happening in the person’s body. Many countries have started the Telemedicine services.

The strain, pressure on the doctors and hospitals would reduce. People will show more interest towards life insurance. Industries would be encouraged to make sophisticated medical equipment and may try to face any kind of situations regarding medicines, ventilators etc.

Online Protests

Rallies, hunger strikes etc will fade away. Online protests may start now. Places like Egypt have already started with online protests. People in Philippines have made hashtag as a trend to oppose against the President.

ramjas protests
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Increase in Corruption

Due to the dearth in emergency medical services, medical equipment, essential services, there is a possibility to increase the prices and illegal transport of essential things. The citizen groups in  Nigeria have requested their government to stop this kind of corruption.

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Different lifestyle, life after Coronavirus


family spending time together
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Due to the fear of the virus, people will start living a simple life and give less importance to large scale celebrations.People may decrease smoking and consuming alcohol. People would give preference to online shopping rather than visiting malls or hotels.

Spending time with family will gain importance.

The age of Technology

COVID-19 has paved a way to progressive technological age. Educational institutions would turn to online teaching. Investments would increase in educational technology. Online activities would increase in governmental organizations too.

Due to the use of internet services and usage of big data and other technology, the gap between the people and the government would decrease.

online teaching
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The history of the world may change according to the decisions taken by our leaders . It would not only bring a change in the medical system but also financial system, politics and changes in culture too.

The life after this lockdown would completely change and we will lead a different lifestyle in this world.