Fake notes of 50, 200 in circulation, RBI informs how to identify them

fake notes

RBI is celebrating Financial Awareness Week and is creating awareness about how people can identify a fake currency notes.

There have been many complaints and several reports have claimed that as people are being cautious about the higher denomination notes, hence people who are running a racket of counterfeit notes have now shifted their focus on circulating the lower denomination notes like Rs 100 and Rs 50.

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has come forward to raise awareness about fake currency notes of 50 and 200. People are being informed about how to identify the fake notes which are being circulating.

RBI is celebrating Financial Awareness Week. On the occasion, the central bank’s Regional Director Laxmikant Rao has imparted important information. He said that RBI is offering services and informing how people can identify a fake currency note. He also enlightened people on how the customers can register a complaint if he is are not satisfied with the service of the bank or has any other issue.

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