A Dream Beyond Coronavirus Pandemic

happy people

After globalization, everyone had a vision to be connected with the digital world and solve many issues through global communication and have rapid response, but this vision was shattered by COVID-19, which changed the world. It suspended all business, endangered supply chains. People are at home fearing about the future.

Now the only help can be from the technology which can help bring everything back to its normal and prepare the troubled minds to a safe future.

It has become obvious that we are just helpless in the hands of time which may send such pandemics which teaches everyone that we are just helpless beings on earth. We should accept that despite all the advances we made, still we could not find a solution to the pandemic.

There has been a great technological growth but it could not detect an invisible microscopic killer, which upset our lives, business, governments and became a threat to the universe as a whole.

When we entered into 2020, we did not expect that this invisible virus would kill thousands of people,many would lose their loved ones, many would have a scar left in their lives, doctors and hospitals would become the central focus. The countries would blame each other, criticize each other because they have become helpless.

Human beings thought that due to the advancement of the technology and industry, we can assure anything and everything in our lives and that we have shaped this world to suit our needs, be it beverages,oil, gas, electricity, entertainment, money transactions without  even thinking for a moment. 

With this pandemic the world would go back by few years, and those people who never knew what it was like in the past to grow hard without technology will face few changes in their life as they would have understand that humans are still humble and perplexed beings, where the world is not in our hands and there is still some uncertainty lingering behind us.

The schools, colleges and small businesses have closed around the world and millions of people have lost their livelihood and many businesses may collapse. There would be a huge burden on the lives of the doctors, medical staff, medical systems, equipment and hospitals to treat people.

To bring us back on to the track, there is an urgent need for innovation. Technology can help us overcome such crisis. The digital technology has the greatest challenge now. There may be new creation of businesses because of this invisible threats to man kind.

The businesses which already exist like remote social and business networking, online fright and logistics, cyber security and payment systems and many more similar to these would flourish a lot. 

The world needs technological solutions and development of new, reliable and fast methods to plan for the future pandemics. It needs entrepreneurs who can provide fast and effective solutions. The world of technology has ideas, originality,assets  and the urge to encounter the new challenges.

Since we are blessed with vast talent and skill, we need to move fast and fix things and work for a bright future together.